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CEO Letter

“The shared passion for storytelling unites the two sides of our business”


This is Storytel

Storytel aspires to be a leader in digital storytelling. By leveraging technology, Storytel democratizes stories through a platform for content creators and users. Today, Storytel is both a digital platform provider of stories and a print publishing group, allowing the company to bring together the best of publishing and distribution. Storytel has its headquarters in Stockholm. The Storytel Group currently comprises two business areas: Streaming and Publishing.


There is no more powerful thing in the world than a good story, well told

Stories have the ability to entertain, to educate and inform, to challenge dearly held beliefs. They can help people escape their world. Or dive deeper into it. They can motivate people to do things. Or convince them not to do them. They can inspire, engage, and change people like no other force in the world. And that’s why our company is all about audio stories, as is reflected in our name.

Key figures 2023

  • 2200000 +


  • 25 +


  • 1500000 +