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Investment Case

The audiobook industry is experiencing rapid growth, and offers attractive prospects, both locally and globally. In many of our core markets, we have benefited from being the first mover, and have been able to establish a strong consumer brand that is synonymous with audiobooks and high quality.

Why invest in Storytel?

  1. Proven business model
    Pioneer with a proven business model that has established itself as one of the world’s leading audiobook streaming services. 
  2. Strong revenue and cash flow generation
    Attractive finance profile with large portion of recurring revenues, strong unit economics, scalable business model and self-sufficient cash generation. 
  3. Untapped potential in core markets
    Large and early stage addressable market with potential for strong long-term underlying growth over time. 
  4. Internal synergies between business areas
    Combination of Publishing and Streaming businesses creates synergies and strengthens competitive position. 
  5. Strong brand reputation
    Attracting the best creative talent to building a unique platform and subscriber experience. 
  6. Streamlined organization and experienced management team
    A leadership team with deep industry knowledge who have done it before.

Number of subscribers


Adjusted EBITDA and margin