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Storytel operates with two internal publishing entities: Storyside and Storytel Books.

Storyside: Our digital audio publishing house


Storyside operates as a digital audio publishing house, securing audio rights from third parties while also creating Original Audio Content. Today Storyside offers a total of almost 50,000 audiobooks in 38 languages.

Storytel Originals stand out as a key differentiating factor for us. Many of our Storytel Originals generate significant media attention and bolster our ability to attract new users. Since 2016, we’ve been creating Storytel Originals, and will continue doing so going forward. In 2023 alone, we launched approximately 300 new Storytel originals.

Storytel Books: A home for leading authors

Our publishing houses are dedicated to offering high-quality works to our readers and users from renowned, critically acclaimed, and award-winning authors across various genres, while the streaming side of the business offers an attractive platform for authors to spread their work.

Storytel Books is the home of all print publishing houses within Storytel Group. The portfolio includes Swedish publishing house Lind & Co, the Danish publisher People’s and the Finnish publishers Gummerus and Aula & Co, and Norstedts Publishing Group who celebrated 200 years in 2023. Norstedts Publishing Group comprises the renowned brands such as Norstedts, Printz Publishing, Rabén & Sjögren, B. Wahlströms and Brombergs.

The publishers’ works are published in all formats, and approximately 50 percent of the revenue from Storytel Book’s net sales are now digital.