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Non-regulatory press release

Storytel’s Board revises proposals to the Annual General Meeting 2022

The Board of Storytel AB (publ) has, following dialogues with the company's major institutional shareholders, revised its proposed resolution on adoption of a long-term performance based incentive program for key employees and proposed resolution on extension of outstanding employee stock option programs to the Annual General Meeting on 4 May 2022.

The Board revises its proposals under item 12 and 13 as included in the notice to the Annual General Meeting, published on 4 April 2022.

The revised proposal under item 12 entails that the CEO, group management and key employees with additional responsibilities vest their allotted restricted share units three years after grant at the earliest (from 1 June 2025). Hence, the vesting period of the LTIP 2022/2026 is not less than three years for these participant categories.

The revised proposal under item 13 entails that resolution on extension of the outstanding Employee Stock Option Program 2019/2022, 2020/2023 and 2021/2024 shall not be made as a joint resolution but instead as three separate resolutions.

The Board’s revised proposals are available in its entirety on the company's website:

FNCA Sweden AB is the company’s certified adviser. FNCA can be reached at or +46 8 528 00 399. 

For further information, please contact:

Andreas Lindblom, Head of Investor Relations
Tel: +46 72 506 14 22

Dan Panas, Head of Communications & PR
Tel: +46 70 186 52 90

About Storytel
Storytel is one of the world’s largest audiobook and e-book streaming services and offers over 700,000 titles on a global scale. Our vision is to make the world a more empathetic and creative place, with great stories to be shared and enjoyed by anyone, anywhere and anytime. The streaming business within the Storytel Group is conducted under the brands Storytel, Mofibo and The publishing business is managed by Storytel Books, and by the audiobook publisher StorySide. The Storytel Group operates in over 25 markets. The headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.