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Non-regulatory press release

Storytel Group acquires the rights to the Finnish bestselling Koskinen crime series

The Koskinen Crime series is a huge success spanning over four decades in Finland. Today, the Storytel Group owned publisher Storyside and the bestselling author Seppo Jokinen announced an agreement which will give Storyside the publishing rights to Jokinen’s popular catalog. Furthermore, a new Koskinen adventure is planned for release in Spring 2024.

In the mid 90s, the Tampere cop Sakari Koskinen entered Finnish crime fiction and he has won the hearts of generations ever since. The Koskinen novels have sold in copies of hundreds of thousands and also resulted in popular adaptations for TV.

After decades of acclaim, commercial success, honors and awards, the author Seppo Jokinen is Finnish crime author nobility, and today, Storyside and the author announced a new agreement giving the Storytel owned publisher the book publishing rights to the popular Jokinen catalog.

“The offer I got from Storytel is a once in a lifetime kind of offer for an author. So it didn’t take long for me to decide to accept it. Koskinen will have the possibility to continue living on in the world long after I have typed my last full stop to my last book. I consider this a remarkable acknowledgment of my work,” says Seppo Jokinen.

Marta Hedener, Regional Content Manager at Storytel:

“Storytel’s road to success leads through compelling stories and great authorships. We are excited and honored to have the privilege to manage Seppo Jokinen’s respected and beloved works and legacy, but also inspired to take the Crime fans to new crime scenes and adventures together with Sakari Koskinen.”   

Essi Hellén, Publishing Manager, Storytel Finland:

“In Finland, Crime is the most popular genre in the Storytel app and the Koskinen series have always been very popular among our users. Seppo Jokinen has created an extraordinarily rich and diverse universe to explore for generations to come, and laid a solid crime novel foundation for new Koskinen stories and adventures to grow and thrive from in various formats.”

A new Koskinen crime novel is planned for release in Spring 2024.

FNCA Sweden AB is the company’s certified adviser.

For further information, please contact:

Noora Kunttu, PR Manager, Storytel Finland
Tel: +358 503 236 752

Dan Panas, Senior Director Corporate Communications, Storytel Group
Tel: +46 70 186 52 90

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