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Camilla Läckberg and Alexander Karim write epic love story exclusively for Storytel

The best-selling author Camilla Läckberg and the celebrated actor Alexander Karim have written an audiobook manuscript exclusively for Storytel Original. The epic love story follows two strangers who are separated in strict isolation in their hotel rooms at the same time as a deadly virus threatens to wipe out humanity. They break their isolation by mistake, and a dizzying, life-threatening love emerges. Glacier will be launched globally on Storytel starting 15 June.

What happens to a person in isolation? What is a life worth without contact with other people? How can a person love when this love threatens their life? These are some of the questions that inspired Glacier, a novel by best-selling author Camilla Läckberg and celebrated actor Alexander Karim.

Glacier will be released in fourteen languages exclusively on Storytel on 15 June in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Bulgaria and Poland. It will be released in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Russia and Turkey later in the year. Each market will choose their own voices for the recordings in each language.

The voices for the Swedish production are Alexander Karim and the acclaimed Bergman actress Lena Endre. Endre and Karim will also play the leading roles in the movie with the same title that will be directed and produced by Baker Karim and premier this spring.

“Working with a story for different formats in this way gives the story fantastic opportunities. In the audiobook, listeners will get to know the characters on a deeper level and see different sides of them; the plot can be developed, take different turns and paths – and the end could actually be completely different. Glacier is a story that transcends borders and that Alexander and I really are passionate about. We can’t wait for it to reach its audiences on the various platforms”, says Camilla Läckberg. 

“It is a drama that lies close to both of our hearts, and it is really a project that has been fuelled by passion. The plot has naturally been inspired by our reality in the past year. It has been an intense and incredible year, and I am excited that we will soon finally be able to share the incredible result”, says Alexander Karim.

Glacier is set in a luxury hotel, where a female doctor and a male pastor are each in their own room. They are unaware of each other’s existence. A pandemic is raging outside the quarantine that both protects and destroys them. They are kept strictly isolated to survive, but in many ways they have both long ago isolated their inner selves. A devastating mistake leads to a forbidden meeting – and the seed to a magnificent, overwhelming love is sown. A love worth dying for.

Glacier is a relentless love story in a time when we all have experienced in some way what isolation can do to the human soul. It is a story in the true spirit of Shakespeare, where the heart’s desire is worth more than life itself. At Storytel, we are very proud that we have had the opportunity to nurture this story, and our Glacier team, which is one of the largest we have put together to work on an audiobook, created an audio drama that we hope will pierce the hearts of our listeners”, says Anna Öqvist Ragnar, Executive Producer for Glacier at Storytel. 

“This is our largest project to date in terms of how many translations and productions we are doing simultaneously. It is a story that is highly relevant, and it is so much fun to be able to offer it to so many listeners in so many countries. Storytel Original is now an exciting mix of super local, tailored and global”, Rickard Henley, Head of Global Direct Publishing at Storytel.

Facts Camilla Läckberg: 
Camilla Läckberg is one of Sweden’s most well-known and successful authors internationally. Her breakthrough with the Fjällbacka series, ten acclaimed and celebrated crime novels about author Erica Falck and police officer Patrik Hedström, have been sold in more than 60 countries and made into both movies and TV shows. She has also written a series of popular children’s books about a young superhero, Super-Charlie. Her most recent novels, The Golden Cage (2019) and Wings of Silver (2020), are part of her best-selling series about Faye.

Facts Alexander Karim: 
Alexander Karim is an actor known from his roles in popular movies and TV series. Karim also debuted in 2019 as an author with the novel Den extraordinära berättelsen om Jonas Paulssons plötsliga död. In 2019 he also published the children’s book Modigast i världen (The Bravest in the World), which he wrote together with his wife Malin Karim


For more information, please contact:

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Cell: +46 70 471 20 45

Dan Panas, Head of Communications, Storytel AB
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